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In praise of Scotland

The Scottish land smells like horses and sea air.
A brown and fertile land which stretches for hundreds of kilometers always falling into the sea, a wild and indomitable sea still whispering the echo of distant stories of courage that have been taking place here for years.
An ancient land full of ardor, a singing land vibrating with the heartstrings of the ancient Scottish warriors, a land grown up with the songs of proud women with long dark braids.
An indomitable land with which humans made a pact and on which they built wonderful cities, full of magic. Edinburgh, with its gothic and romantic buildings, might be the birthplace of the best nineteenth-century novels , where new energy bursts out of every alley , where every heavenly road gets lively, where young people express their art on the street.
The Victorian and industrial city of Glasgow, with its barber shops, its tattoo artists and its design buildings, is a city which is going through a new renaissance, getting every day more lively.
Scotland is genuine, pure and wild. It’s a land where everything comes to life, where urban skepticism is left behind, because in this place, breathing in this cold air, looking at these breathtaking landscapes, glimpsing the sincere friendship in the eyes of its inhabitants, seeing such primordial beauty, nothing seems impossible and the heart can finally beat free.

Zoe Guindani @zoe.guindani

Photo Courtesy by Stefano Guindani. @stefanoguindani